[5 Pack Bundle] PappaRich Stevia White Coffee (30g x 12s)

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Stevia extract is a sweetener derived from stevia leaves, a herbal plant. For hundreds of years, the South American natives have been using stevia for making tea, herbal remedies and at beverage sweetener. Although stevia is 200-300 times sweeter than white sugar, it contains only 1/300 of calories in white sugar. It is also more heat resistant and dissolves easily in water, making it an ideal zero-calorie sugar substitute. PappaRich Stevia White Coffee uses the sweetness from stevia as a substitute for most of its sugar content, allowing you to enjoy your favourite coffee without worrying about excess sugar intake.

Expiry Date: More than 10 months

About the Product :

THE PAPPARICH COFFEE EXPERIENCE ANYWHERE ANY TIME An authentic Malaysian meal would not be complete without a cup of piping hot, deliciously aromatic white coffee, freshly brewed using selected beans. With the introduction of PappaRich Instant Coffee range, the full PappaRich coffee experience is brought from our restaurants into our customers' homes or wherever they choose to enjoy our coffee.

-Natural Plant Sweetener
-Replace Sugar
-Low Glucose Index
-Coffee Flavour: Strong
-Acidity Level: Low

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